Choosing the Best Free Email Server to Increase Your Online Business Productivity

When it comes to manage an online business, specifically in the case of a remote working set up, collaborative tools are the first option that are focused upon. A crucial step in setting up a workable business pattern with your employees, associates and clients is largely dependent on the productivity tools that you choose for your business.Though there are numerous free email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo to use for online communication yet for a professional environment and increased need of security these do not account much. This takes any businessman a step ahead to focus on more customized options for his/her email arrangements. Businesses involving more than 20 employees demand an effective work policy and synchronized communication amongst all team members. This can be best served with the help of a dedicated email server.Intuitive and Simplistic Interface: Find an email server software which provides you with a clean and uncomplicated interface to work with. As you expand your business and add more team members, your primary concern should never drift towards training new staff in getting along with the business applications.High Level Security and Encryption: Staying secure while staying connected is a primary concern for entrepreneurs corresponding over the web with their staff. Check for the security features with your free email client provider and ask their help or support for specific concerns like whether SSL is enabled for all email communications or not. For smooth and secure authentication, ask if their emails server has LDAP integration enabled.Exclusive Business Email Collaboration: Evaluate the corporate email collaboration side of the email client which you are going to implement for all of your exchanges. It should leverage absolute control, supervision and management in an effortless manner.Easy multiple task management: A smart email interface makes multi tasking a breeze so that your email experience is more like tabbed browsing. Visualize the needs of your work pattern and check them against the functionalities of the free web mail software.Built in one-to-one and group collaboration tools: Collaboration should not be limited to chat modules only in any free email server. Your email service should merge your social media life streams along with audio and video conferencing, collaborative calendar and meeting scheduler. Try to look for functionalities that would make group collaboration more simplistic and fun to live with.Multiple account management: While running the show, top-level management is often stuck up with managing multiple email accounts simultaneously. Any good mail server software necessarily needs to have this functionality integrated in its service.Advanced support for IMAP and POP3: Last but not the least, check if your free email server client supports IMAP and POP3 protocol. If it does, then make sure that all the major email clients in the market are supported so you can import your existing emails easily to your new email server.

Business, Product, Service, and Self Promotion

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door” (attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, although he probably didn’t say it in that way). That’s not necessarily true. In fact, it’s not likely true. At least not for a long time. A look at the records of the Patent Office reveal that many people have built better things than what were currently available, but those things were never offered for sale. Perhaps most things that are patented are ridiculous and have little chance of ever being developed into a product that can be sold widely, but there are many patents for good products that were never developed. If virtually no one knows about a better mousetrap, they will not beat a path to the door of the inventor.Once something worthy of people’s consideration has been created, be it a product or a service, people have to know about it or they won’t consider it. Hence the multi-billion dollar per year promotion industry. Included in this industry are sales, advertising, public relations, and other types of promotion, such as merchandise with a company’s same printed or embroidered on it, and such as building booths and displays for trade shows.In our day, there are many ways to get a message across to people, and many are not very expensive. The Internet is available to everyone and provides various ways for people to communicate with other people. However, everyone is trying to get their message across, thus most of it becomes noise to most other people. And the audience receiving the message is usually quite limited. People try to expand it and it becomes spam or pop-ups, which are distasteful at best, and sometimes illegal and immoral at worst.My grandparents were born in the 1870s and 1880s. Of course there was no internet, no television, no entertainment radio. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were exposed to less advertising in the first 20 years of their lives than I am exposed to every week.As soon as companies can afford it, they try to promote themselves to the masses. Sometimes they pay millions of dollars for 30 seconds on national television in which to promote themselves or their products. And many of them do a very poor job of it. From everything I’ve seen, most print, radio, and television advertising seems to be done to please the advertising agency and to garner awards of excellence rather than try to get their customers’ products sold. I enjoy watching the CLIO Awards, but I don’t feel like going shopping after I watch them. My thought process is, if a company is irresponsible enough to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise, and their advertisements don’t tell me who they are or what they do or what their product or service is or does, or why I should care, I have absolutely no confidence in them or anything they have for sale, so I won’t patronize them even if I subsequently find out what they do and why they think I should care.Some companies have either in-house advertising (probably the owner of the company or a spouse who have no idea how to advertise effectively) or a cut rate advertising agency awash in malpractice and incompetence.Where I live, one seller of a particular product advertises so much that I will get up to turn off the radio or the television or change the station when they advertise. It’s just too much. And their advertisements are someone shouting at me, using annoying phrases and fifth-grade English. Other sellers of the same product in my area advertise not at all, or occasionally. And those that do advertise do so tastefully and humorously, and not so much that I wish they would go bankrupt. If I ever found myself in need of this product, I would not go to the company that advertises excessively. Advertising can turn customers away if done poorly.Sometimes I think, “If you’ve got enough money to advertise, you don’t need my money,” and I often don’t patronize those businesses. Most products are sold by many different outlets, and I can always get a product or service I want without rewarding people for insulting me with their foolish and boring ads.Advertising should answer as many as possible of the following: What the company or the product or service are
What the company or the product or service can do for me
Why I should buy that particular product or service instead of the same thing, or something similar from a competitorI see ads on the television with people riding bicycles or flying kites or jumping in the river and I often have no idea what the product is or why I should care. Or why I should purchase their product instead of their competitors’. Thus, I don’t. I am all for riding bikes and jumping in rivers, but I can’t imagine why a company would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to show me other people doing it.Beer commercials seem to indicate that you should be an over-sexed moron to drink beer, or you will become one if you drink beer. I don’t understand wanting anyone to think that or spending millions of dollars to try to talk them into it. Of course, how do you advertise beer positively? You could advertise realistically. You could show people getting drunk and making fools of themselves. You could show people becoming alcoholics and ruining their lives. You could show domestic abuse and fatal automobile accidents. I don’t guess any of that would sell the product. But I wonder if treating people like they’re stupid does, either. Maybe it works best with stupid people.I think all advertising should be done as if the advertiser is sitting in the buyer’s living room. If I were to sit in someone’s living room, I would not shout at them. I would not insult their intelligence. I would use proper English. I would want to be of help to them, if I could figure a way to do it. I would tell them how I could help them if I figured it out.To promote ourselves, with a resume or as a provider of a service or a seller of a product, we must tell the prospective employer or customer the same things that advertisers must tell their prospective customers: Who we are. Not just our names and address, or even an attendance record at former employers, but who we are. What we stand for. If the employer or customer are to spend money on us, they must know who we are.
What we can do for the employer or client and why they should care
Why an employer should hire us or a customer use our services instead of hiring someone else or making an agreement with our competitorsPromotion doesn’t always work, of course, and it might not work the way we want it to. But it is necessary. So we must try different things, and refine it as we go. If we or our product or service are valuable, and if we can communicate that to enough of the right kinds of people, we can make our lives very much better.

Why Do Efficacious Desktop and Server Management Operations Trigger Business Productivity?

What would the repercussions of having defunct or poorly managed desktops and servers be?This could result in a range of system complexities, thereby threatening vital data, all of which are pertinent to an organisation. Therefore today, servers and desktops are essentially allowing companies to store information, share files and preserve critical information by installing firewalls and relevant information security software. But are these systems secure and are the infrastructure apt in the respective companies? Are they getting all the inputs and essentials within the confines of their organization?As a result, there is a growing need for a rigorous third party mechanism which provides solutions to mitigate and prevent any data, server or desktop related issues, thereby making system productivity one of their sacrosanct objectives in their agenda. The advantages of utilizing an external vendor’s infrastructure service offerings are multiple because they are helping companies to effectively manage their internal operations by selecting their preferentials (or preferred services) from a wide resource pool. Besides, optimal system functionality is the primary requirement of companies before any final output can be gained.Most businesses today are hence on the lookout for excellence in desktop and server environments. Facilitating positive end-user experience and promise improved support are important features in such an environment. What may be achieved as a result is greater data and infrastructure security, creation of better ROI and reduction in the total cost of ownership that are the preferred outcomes of every business.The Services and Key Benefits of Server and Desktop ManagementServer Management – Large businesses are adopting server management solutions on a priority basis, in order to prevent a collapse of this mission-critical hardware. Every business function is reliant on the server for any kind of performance to ensue. Therefore, businesses tend to seek solutions which are open, flexible and integrated to aggregate a simplified IT Server environment of any size or proportion.Desktop Management – Similarly, businesses in the present day scenario, tend to make use of proactive and efficient desktop management services solutions which are inherently cost-effective and reliable. As the internal capacities of processors are improved even further, companies are opting for external hardware and software services to allow for greater advancement in effectively operationalising and securing the desktop environment.Is Flexible Infrastructure Managed Service, the Ideal Model?Today, it is imperative for businesses to fuse their internal processes with an external strategic partner who, with the expertise of IT personnel can ameliorate the performance of their existing IT infrastructure through seamless managed services offerings.The reason for this is that, technology has been accorded free rein for all diverse verticals which are common to both product and service deliverables. This freedom to innovate, create and deliver is not without a good exercise of internal control inside an organisation’s infrastructure.The Key ObjectivesThe primary goal of this model is to help our clients scale down excessive costs, discharge business linked SLA’s on time, improve service delivery efficiencies and to continually permit robust infrastructure operations.In one scenario, a global market information company was facing contract cost issues with their former supplier. Besides, there were complaints about the lack of timely effectiveness for the required desktop support services which contractor had been hired to deliver. Their staff had been provided with a transfer of IT manpower professionals who extended flexible resource services and carried the client’s operations forward with no disruption to the client’s ongoing system functions.