Business Productivity – Stop Being A Perpetual Participant

Success is on my mind! It has been for as long as I can remember and it has always been something that I desired and set goals to achieve. I am no longer that person who puts the idea of success out there to hope for some day. I am a person who takes action and each day I accomplish new levels of success. I have crossed the line from thinking about it and hoping for it and knowing in my heart that I deserve it… to really getting up and doing something about it!I was thinking about what it was that really helped me to cross that line. I remember that I was starting to think that “it is now or never”. I have wanted greatness for myself and never seemed to really go out on a limb to get it. At the time, I thought I was working hard and taking action, but I was mistaken. I was in a false state of productivity and I was nothing more then a perpetual participant. Someone who was not in it to win it, but instead was happy to belong to a group, any group, of others who were looking for greatness as well.I thought I saw improvement in who I was becoming, when all along the improvements were not really there. In the last 10 years I have taken 1000’s of hours of classes and workshops, I have been to over 100 live events, I have read over 350 business and personal development books and joined at least 20 groups…. yes all this is the definition of a perpetual participant. Certainly proud to be involved and dedicated, but not committed to doing whatever it would take!I knew, all along, that I had so much more potential then what I was demonstrating and I was so very frustrated that I continued to be the only person who got in my way. I don’t know what was holding me back!! I didn’t know, but I think I do now. When I look at what I have wanted to accomplish for myself I see that when the uncomfortable steps and unknown factors emerged I called in sick! I never ever passed the point of doing something that was uncomfortable, uneasy or downright terrifying!Today, I am a new me, I am everything that I always knew I could be!! I am not perfect, I still get stuck, but I am new and improved because I will not let that stop me, I will not use that as an excuse to justify why I just can’t make it happen. I am new and improved because I know what it really means to make a commitment and to do whatever it takes to make good on those promises to myself.I heard that it was important and helpful to have a ‘why’ that moves you to tears that it is so meaningful to you! At the start of this year I made a commitment that I would do whatever I needed to do to grow and surpass my limits, I sat long and hard and the ‘why’ that I came up with and has been my lighthouse though this journey has been this.. I want to be an example of what is possible!! I hope that my experience can help you to cross that line for yourself. How bad do you want it? Success is a choice! It is a choice that you don’t make once, you make it every day for the rest of your life!!Make today the day that you stop being a perpetual participant and instead decide you are in it to win it, whatever it takes!!

Creating A Powerful Niche Powerful Business, Product or Service

What’s the best way to create wealth today? Answer: To create a powerful product or service niche. It’s the last frontier for the little guy.Relax, it’s easier than you think when you know how, I’ve created dozens myself. I got C’s and D’s in high school, if I can do it anyone can. What’s great about creating your own product or service niche? Little or no competition. That’s how fortunes come my friend.You make 100% of the profits when you create what you sell … That’s when wealth comes. Make sense so far? Please stop buying others ideas and products to sell and expect to get rich, it will never happen. Stop wasting your time and money. Following that advice alone can save tons of money. But keep reading …A niche you create is the one secret behind every successful product or service. Never forget that if you want to get rich and avoid wasting money. I’ll show you how to create niche after niche and be at the bank – before most people realize what happened. Could you stand that? Then keep reading…If you already have a product or service:(hopefully created by you or the jokes on you … You’re only helping someone else get rich) I’ll show you how to give it more & niche power,” and turbo charge your sales. Overnight!To make money you have to sell what people are buying … Now!And what are people buying? I’m glad you asked that question. People are buying unique niche products and services that no other business is offering. You need to create a cutting edge niche! Here are 3 magic tips to creating your own niche. In the interest of time and space I’ll give you 3 quick tips to creating your own money – making niche.1. Be Niche- minded:You’ve got to start thinking niche all the time. Look at successful products and services and try to find the niche that makes them successful, unique, or different from the rest. Simply doing this can give you more insight than the most people who simply glance at them and walk by. Doing this will instantly put you above the average Joe.2. Look at what your competitors are doing – or not doing:There is an old Jewish proverb that says “If you want to get rich, do what others won’t do. This saying has stood the test of time and is still true today. Remember you don’t have to be 100% better than your competition to win: You just have to be 1% better at 100 things! That’s do-able.Look at your competitors, can you do some aspect faster? Can you charge less? Can you give more of something? Can you provide it on week-ends or holidays? Can you eliminate a negative or inconvenience for your customer that your competition is not doing? Think Niche – And Grow Rich!3. A.S.K:With all the high tech marketing software, graphs, and charts available. Fewer businesses use the most dependable market research tool ever invented. Asking the customer.Ask your customers what they like, what they hate, what they can do without, what they want more of, what they want less of. Ask! If you don’t ask most won’t tell you. They’ll simply go elsewhere to get more, faster, less, or newer and you’ll never know why they left until it’s too late. So ask.Following the above tips will fling you miles ahead of your competition. And notice they were all free, and could make you thousands of dollars in extra profits. The only investment is your time and attention. Now take action.Don’t delay, your competitors may be reading this too!

Biodiesel Business Production Plans

There are several steps that a biodiesel company must take so that they can produce and run efficiently. They must write out their own business plan, form a board or group of business people, solicit financing, hire an engineering company, develop their markets, and then finally build their plant and business.For example the business plan for Clean Fuel of Future (CFF) a company based out of the Ukraine is goes as follows. The company has limited liability and offers 80% shares or outside investors. The other 20% is owned by the founder of the company who is Spivak Mykhaylo. Money allocated to the start-up costs that go a long with legal expenses, maintaining the office and facilities employees salaries, are by the direct owner Spivak Mykhaylo.He expects the other investors to put money towards the purchase of machinery, equipment, chemicals and fuel. Their mission statement is “CFF is a manufacturing company dedicated to developing better energy solutions for benefit of a whole society. We bring innovative technologies and unlimited supply of energy sources without damaging and polluting environment.”Their product replaces conventional diesel and becomes the most perspective fuel of the twenty first century due to its environmental friendliness, renew ability and low costs. They intend to make lucrative profit to generate a fair return for their investors and to finance continued growth and continued development in a high quality product. They also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.They believe that it is important to have competitive prices because of the fact that people are not fully aware of it and do not fully understand they cannot sell it above market price. Their marketing strategy which should be the same marketing strategy of all biodiesel production companies is to have a strong emphasis on the quality and focus on their target markets.Companies must differentiate biodiesel from other fuels that are on the market. They need to establish clearly why their product is better than others. Produce high quality fuel and offer it at a competitive price due to the fact that fuel is already expensive people will certainly not purchase it if they have it for a higher rate. Make sure that the way they distribute is stable because if consumers can not get to it or purchase it then they will purchase something else. They also must build long term relationships to ensure the companies survival and have loyal long term customers.